Course 3, Week 1: We are all Designers

Boring! You could have scored my blog’s visual hierarchy level fair at best. I realized I needed to make changes on my blog to better communicate with my readers. What do you think of the new and improved version?

My blog before the changes. 


We tell our students to show, not tell when writing. I’m afraid I did a lot of telling and not a lot of showing. The blog is text-heavy and I worry readers will skim or scan without wanting to read the post. The colors are muted. It may not look appealing or draw the reader into the topic.

My blog would be more aesthetically appealing if I could improve the images, font sizes, the colors on the page, and the layout of the text.


I decided to remove the picture of myself on vacation. I realized if this were a travel blog it might make sense; however, since it is a teacher-tech blog it is not fitting.

Font size

I changed the title to make it simpler and spelled out the acronym in smaller text. I included different size headings to guide the reader to see what is more important.


I changed the colors of the blog to try to appeal to my readers and improve the readability.


I shortened my paragraphs and included more headings to chunk the information to make the content clearer.


As you can see on this page, there were a few changes I made to my blog to make it more appealing to my readers. Leave a reply below. I’d love to hear what you think about the changes and any suggestions you have for me!



One thought on “Course 3, Week 1: We are all Designers”

  1. Hi Holly,

    I like the new look and colors of your blog! I added some color to mine as well and I think it makes a big difference. I am always telling my students to “show not tell.” It’s definitely something that we also need to remind ourselves of. I find that so many of the writing lessons I teach are ones that I still think about when doing my own writing. Even how we organize information and use headings as you mentioned make the blog post easier to read and follow. Thanks for sharing your changes this week!

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